District Energy

For the fast growing economies of developing countries one challenge that must be met is the demand for generation and distribution of electricity, heating and cooling services to newly urbanized and industrialized areas or districts. In planning for meeting these demands governmental and regulatory bodies should consider technologies that reduce consumption of fossil fuel resources and also reduce the emission of atmospheric pollutants. Simply stated, the goal should be efficient energy supply with minimal environmental impact.

One such technology that is offered today by forward looking companies is referred to as Integrated Distributed Energy (IDE); which combines locally generated electric utility service with district heating and cooling services. Brady District Energy specializes in optimization of the design and the business planning that enables energy and utility services to be provided in Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

Large scale district cooling facilities that have been optimized for thermal storage reduce the need for reliable source energy generation capacity by at least 30% compared against all-electric chiller designs. The extra construction cost required to incorporate the storage into the district cooling facility saves 4 to 5 times as much construction cost as a Gas Combustion Turbine generating station and 14 to 16 times as much construction cost at a Solar Photovoltaic generating station. Significant savings in land required for the generating capacity is not included in the cost savings.

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